Validating sql stored procedures

03-Sep-2017 13:42

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However, in real application, you will be needed to know much more type, define precision and scale instead of width. You can invoke Transparent Data Encryption to encrypt data before storing it.To understand this tutorial properly, You should have handy knowledge on c# and have visual studio 2008 (.NET Framework 3.0 ) to successfully able to run LINQ To SQL examples.However, there is alternative simple ways also for avoid using query like syntax by using integrated ‘Where’ method.

That means, here any kind of data returned from the linq query will be assigned to that variable and you will have to just cast that to the proper data type. Count“, this function count the number of rows(Or number of objects) returned by the query.

Visual Studio Express provides a free development tool that makes ASP.

tutorial overview, then how to get started very quickly with its usage on our C#.

This will saves lots of your debugging time and lessen the db errors at the same time.

its possible here as now all you are using are acting like a .

The designer interface has two-part, one for dragging tables from server explorer(to create classes from tables automatically), another is for methods where we can drag stored procedures etc.

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