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And what's worse, the prison is filled with hot guys just itching to rape him for the sake of breaking the monotony.Worse, his ex-boyfriend Giotto is one of them..." H-h-hibari-san, I-I think ….. " Just so you know this is the first time he woke up early just to tell Hibari Kyoya about his feeling. It seems like it just passed through Hibari's ears, he doesn't even stop from walking to look at him.SO, I'll Re-publish my english fictions to another. Without the storm, rain, mist, cloud, thunder and sun; what is the sky without them? Where Enma is the sensible one and Tsuna is the one that comes up with all the silly ideas. Includes different AU's Luffy and Zoro awaken in two different parts of East Blue, both with the same thing on their mind. There would be no failures this time around, Captain's orders.and if you wondering, my pen name will be Yuukinatsuki. As bits and pieces of the unknown past that the two comrades share are gradually revealed, the rest of the crew can only speculate.Yet, his two lives will slowly merge together when he is chosen to be the next Vongola Decimo. Tsunayoshi has never been there before, even if he has been to Caeleste.Tartarus was a boring place, Caeleste even more so. But the mistake of a human allows him to go, and he will surely use it to his advantage. Up for adoption, but please give me a heads-up if you do.]Tsuna's just been forced by Reborn into being a guard for the notorious Vongola Prison.

Selimut asap berwarna pink berubah dan memperlihatkan pepohonan. Tapi apa maksud Talbot dengan orang tua yang sebenarnya?The Whitebeard pirates are on the hunt for the two running brats as well determined to meet the brat that caught Shanks attention and possibly get a new brother.Sabo can't get rid of the panic and fear constantly running threw him as all he can remember is fire.Sabo almost died and he decided he never wanted to be seperated from his brothers again. When they get capture by the Whitebeard Pirates they have to decide stay and join or leave.

Follow the ASL as they have adventures and fun with the Whitebeard pirates. His only wish is to save his friends and assure their absolute happiness this time around. Luffy, and general chaos and craziness that he brings into the world) SLOW UPDATESWhen Sakura Sawada is sealed, there is an unintended consequence that not even the Vongola could have predicted.

How will this effect the story now that he is different? "That's mean Tsunayoshi-kun, that you could control the other Tri-ni-sette power to some extent." Tsuna widened his eyes as dawning horror come to his face.