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02-Oct-2017 16:16

Airdna is a British gamer who plays and comments on video games which she particularly enjoys; so far this has included Little Big Adventure 1&2, LIMBO, The Sims 3 and Theme Hospital. While some of her LPs are serious matters others are laugh out loud funny.She hopes to meet fellow games enthusiasts on You Tube! Currently she is in Grad school so her upload schedule is erratic right now but she does post updates when she can.Plays (highlights with her friends), and Climbing Mt.Steam (where she attempts to play all the untouched games in her Steam library).shut up lydia is a new Australian let's player, after quitting the beauty/lifestyle community to follow her passion.She focuses on indie games and playing through games with a strong storyline.

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The actress Bria Roberts just started a gaming channel! I'm just kind of an awkward dork that tries to be funny, but if I sparked your interest come check me out!While exciting gameplay may not be common in story based games, Lydia makes up for it with her continuous sarcasm, sass and shade.