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In 1993, he appeared onstage in Real Life Photographs.From 1994 to 1999, he played Sergeant Zack Allan on Babylon 5.Hundreds of thousands of Witnesses are currently disfellowshipped and estranged from their families and friends.This has a dramatic effect on a person, often at a time when they most need help from others.Staying away from meetings leads in that very direction." Watchtower 1965 Dec 15 p.751 (4) When a person is marked they are not named and are allowed to continue contact with others.Only those who specifically know of the person's wrongdoing are advised to stop associating with the person socially, but may still speak to them at the meetings.Total alienation from this brotherhood and being cast into the world builds fear of removal. A comparison between how the Bible says to treat wrongdoers with how the Watchtower enforces disfellowshipping shows the Organization has gone beyond the scriptures, using this for control over its members.

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The effect of requiring a 2/3 majority is discussed in Franz's book In Search of Christian Freedom. The Myths of Disfellowshipping Written Jun 2005. (5) Disassociation is generally used for a Witness that voluntarily removes themselves from the congregation.