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I was not aware that SIM cards are available in different sizes, and the card I received was too large for my phone.However, a tech at the local T-Mobile store used a "punch" to cut it to the correct size, for no charge, so it worked out.Tell them that you want to replace your new number on the prepaid account with your existing telephone number7) They will put you on hold to confirm your Walmart code that you gave them when they asked for it and then they will put you on hold to go get approval for making the switch.8) Both numbers will be active for about 24 hours to receive calls. Here you make sure to select the right prepaid plan.I just left my new sim in my phone and continued using it as usual.9) Congratulations. Call T-Mobile porting department first before even going online to activate the SIM.2. If CS did not select the right one for your when you activated your account, you can call them and change it as required.Also - Pay Attention to Sellers selling these T-Mobile Prepaid Sim Card Kits without the "Free (10) ten minutes" of air time.Most times, the picture will show that (.34) Free Airt-time is included.Angled edges divert energy and keep the screen from surface contact. Please reach out to the manufacturer of the case and your wireless charger.

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However, some sellers don't inform you upon purchase that these kits are pre-activated.Card is not a credit card and is not redeemable for cash except as required by law.