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(There is no HVAC and other moisture control systems either.) So the typical issues because of which museums restrict photography are non-existent.

In her book All of these points are starkly relevant to Indian museums but above all and unmentioned here, is the lack of a museum-going culture in South Asia.

Launching the Gen XT velcro pocket dhoti, founder Chairman of Ramraj group K R Nagarajan said the move is aimed to relieve the tension of those in the 10 and 30 age group, who normally loathe wearing the dhoti (veshti).

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Few of them may even be light-sensitive but as it is, there are no protective enclosures for any of these to mitigate that problem.I visited the Thiruvananthapuram museum complex a couple of days back.

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Romance became political in 1919, when Chinese students mounted demonstrations for democracy, science, and an end to arranged marriage, on behalf of what they called “the freedom of love.” It was “a code word for individual autonomy,” Haiyan Lee, a literature professor at Stanford, writes in “Revolution of the Heart: A Genealogy of Love in China, 1900-1950.” Mao outlawed arranged marriages and concubines, and enshrined a woman’s right to divorce, but he left no room for desire.… continue reading »

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