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08-Jun-2017 02:41

Customers were told they had 14 days' notice to download any footage they required before the free service was deactivated.

Y-Cam will now offer one year of free seven-day rolling cloud storage for its new cameras, while existing cameras will lose their ability to record unless a £2.99 a month or £9.99 a month subscription is paid.

The cameras cannot store video locally, meaning Y-Cam's own service is the only option for storage.

Users responded as one might expect, complaining on online forums and Y-Cam's social media, and tanking the UK-based biz and its products' rating on Trust Pilot and Amazon.

We did not understand how wrong it was or how Laura should deal with it.” that Miramax’s Dimension division was then sitting on, perhaps out of deference to the cringey clean-media message of the Al Gore–Joe Lieberman campaign, which Weinstein was publicly supporting; already there was talk of Weinstein’s ambitions in Democratic politics.

He supposedly had every employee sign elaborate, binding nondisclosure agreements."We considered all options, including offering a shorter free period, however storage is the relatively cheap bit.

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