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The RVCP is recognised by the Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) which is very supportive and has a close working relationship with the various member organisations.

and going at 12 midnight order to find out the next day that the kind of output they wielded it's not something worthy of burning the midnight oil and one thing I would like to share with working hard and worked as smart as an example in the apprentice asia was my trusty iron steamer the leveler wire was working smart and working hard for me because just to give an example you only see five percent of what really happens behind the camera the rest are edited for your own entertainment and pleasure and all the things I hated about the show is that there was only one iron board and one I org in a house of 12 you can only imagine how 5am everyone scrambles to get that iron to get his own suit or dress priest out and one of us even had to hide every night that iron under her bed so it should be able to iron it for the first time when she wakes up it was a different issue for me because I had my own iron steamer and every time we go on the step when there was an issue about the camera and the lights and everyone was waiting for one are to be told what to do next if you wanted to look for Jonathan at the very moment he was busy steam ironing all his clothes away that really was working smart and working hard because it was important for me every six or seven in the morning to lot scramble and cram of quieting the iron out but rather sticking it out in the kitchen countertop tipping my hot mug of coffee and strategizing during my own Zen how to kick out Andrea or Alex and the competition that really was working smart and not hard the third thing I would like to raise is please do keep on developing your strengths because there's no point as you grow older to correct your own weaknesses and I can easily see in the eyes of everyone in this room there are so many Type A personalities who I'm sure how this intuition but if you want to become the best of your life for example you need to correct your weaknesses and forget about your strengths because you're strong anyway in all these things our parents or my mom would tell me I'm good in English or literature forget about for example that one and we work instead on your math and my belief is that this is wrong because the older you get there is a lesser chance for you to correct those things because that exactly is who you are as a human being and that exactly what makes you ask perfect person trying to live out this life and my issue is rather focus on your strengths because there's a high probability and an infinitesimal chance that that strength will overwhelm whatever weakness you have at the end of the day and I would like to share an example of this in the parentheses Asia this episode 1 and I'm sure a lot of you know that this was the splat asked of selling fish I love cooking I love buying fish in the market but I'm really poor in selling not just fish but everything else to the moment I found out that we were going to be selling fish I was like whatever bleated you know what I can say in my mouth and I told myself I could not selfish and the camera man cannot expose me but I don't know how to sell fish I was in danger of getting kicked out at the very first episode but lo and behold again I realized why we were all standing fishes none of the guys were good in numbers and no one even bothered holding the calculator to compute what should be the proper price on what to sell with the fishes I grabbed that chance because I know as a marketer for the past seven years of my life that that was my strength and I took it I hid behind the counters telling fish but my job was the most critical because it was all about pricing at the end of the day my strength helped me and covered me up whatever weakness that I had and this is not the same if you don't need to do something about your weakness you can work on them gently and slowly but I'm telling you if you want the best your words out of everything you want in your life work on your strengths because at the end the day they will overwhelm whatever weakness that you have and the last thing I would like to share and there's my favorite varnish I'm most passionate about is that the unexplainable secret to success is out there and it's called grit and what is grip good especial and perseverance combined over a period of years not weeks not days but sticking it out that if you wanted to build their own restaurant if you wanted to have your own family if you want to become an engineer a doctor you stick it out for the next 10 or 20 years and you have this unwavering faith but whatever happens as an obstacle in your life you're going to get through and not exactly for me what's my lesson in the apprentice asia because it didn't look at my statistics for example and this is the final three of the apprentice this is andrea and alex i am moved by the second episode and this was a picture we cook by the second episode that the three of us were going to make it to the final three and in fact i thought it was going to be Alex and me in the final two instead but one thing i was most insecure about this young lady was that sophistical speaking she was the better candidate he only had one loss he had six wins and even at the moment that she know she was the project manager of her own theme he wanted I only had four winds I had four losses and even at the moment I was a project manager I lost it because of that mediterranean pizza but here's the thing because i knowed I was the one who had the grit and I know I was the one who wanted the most out of winning the competition and I told mr.

Age: 34Nationality: Malaysian Marital status: Married Education: SPM (O levels equivalent)Current Occupation: Business Owner“Money is my No. At 18, he came across a motivational book which changed his mindset about life and career, and subsequently led him to leave college in the third semester.

This service is provided free of charge to you, the veteran (and your family.) We do get some assistance from the Federal Government through the BEST Funding Grants but as we are a volunteer organisation we also have to raise extra funding by ourselves so donations are gratefully accepted.

But in Ti, players who don’t know what “Shirase” entails might pick it wondering what the mode is, promptly crap their pants over the ridiculous lock speeds, and get a Game Over in about ten seconds.

19 to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein protesting an interpretation of the Wire Act by the Office of Legal Counsel that lets State jurisdictions decide whether to permit Internet gambling within their borders. and its European allies can treat the symptoms, but they can only stave off the absolute disaster for a period of time, at the cost of much blood and treasure.

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